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Over the past two years, over 450 pieces of artwork have been funded and installed in patient rooms, corridors, waiting areas and public spaces throughout Children's Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. Visual artwork is enriching the journeys of patients and families through imagery that helps them relax and offers them positive distractions. 

Your gift of sponsorship can allow a piece of art to bring joy to a patient in their room, brighten up a corridor, provide a positive distraction for a sibling in a waiting area, or provide respite and reflection in our St. Paul Rooftop Garden. Below, you will find sponsorship opportunities for areas of our Rooftop Garden and feature art pieces in St. Paul, as well as numerous corridor, patient room, and waiting room art available for both campuses. Note that many images listed are conceptual designs. Artists’ completed work can be viewed under the browse by artist category.

Thank you for helping Children’s to continue to provide a healing environment for the patients and families we serve.


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